Jake Lewis

Director of Client Services

Jake Lewis is Director of Client Services for Rick Lewis.

Jake handles the day-to-day responsibilities of the office such as:

  • Assists clients with scheduling meetings.
  • Assists clients in collecting the information needed to complete the financial planning process.
  • Assists clients with servicing needs on their accounts, policies, and contracts.
  • Provide customer service both in person and over the phone.
  • Manage back-office operations and fosters a culture of continual improvement and operational excellence.

Also, Jake is in his Senior year at the University of Central Florida. He will graduate with a Bachelor’s of
Science in Business Administration in the Fall of 2022. In his time as an Undergraduate, Jake has
participated in UCF’s Integrated Business Program. This program focuses on the critical business
processes that cross industries placing an emphasis on the transferable skills that can be applied to
diverse roles. Outside of the classroom, Jake lends his talents to the executive board of a service
fraternity and the board of directors of a local real estate management corporation.

Jake’s experiences are a reflection of his desire to affect positive change in whatever his environment.
In his role as the Director of Client Services, Jake is motivated to connect with clients and the
community in a manner which contributes to better futures.

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